By infusing Hip Hop music with a Caribbean feel, DJ Griot has single handedly introduced the listening public to a new style of spinning. Known for his high energy DJ Griot is a storyteller on the turntables. With his creative urban and native mixes he transcends borderlines bringing the most versatile musical experience to his audience. Whether he’s showcasing the true origins of Hip Hop on his weekly radio mix shows or opening the language lines for inner city children in need, DJ Griot uses the power of music as a universal tool to enrich the lives of everyone around him.  Early on it was evident that music was in his soul. His love for melodies sounds and beats opened the world of instruments to him. Beginning as a church drummer who also played the organ and piano he like many others found their first love with the birth of Hip Hop. 

Griot, a name derived from a group of West African storytellers, his popularity grew as a respected DJ and quickly became a household name throughout the community, establishing a platform to introduce Hip Hop and international music to his audience. His appeal caught the attention of mainstream artist such as Uncle Luke, Trick Daddy, Rick Ross and Trina with whom he toured to name a few. Passionate about charity a value instilled in him by his mother’s words “Give to receive” is a standard in his life. He strongly supports national and international foundations such as “The Little Haiti Optimist Club” and “Autism Speaks”. DJ Griot continues to speak to the masses through the universal language of music.

"DJ GRIOT's style and experience continues to push the culture forward"

                                                             - Fentz Louis (Recording Alliance, Iconz Films)